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HookFit is a online brand and store of fitness clothing and acessories.

Structure website and its checkout

1 UX/UI Designer

UX/UI Design


I started the project with a meeting with stakeholders and we filled the user-centered design canvas. I have identified that the website was too basic and the checkout process was off-putting potential clients and blocking them from purchasing.

The next step following the project was to do desk research to understand better the market, the challenges my client was facing, and the opportunities we should consider. From this activity, I collected the following insights:

  • Clients' websites cannot be found through Google search, only on Instagram.

  • The fitness market keeps growing a lot in Brazil.

  • The state where the client is located is one of the states that most exercise in Brazil.

  • Provide clear information about shipping and ETA.

  • Highlight the payment methods.

  • Users need better information on choosing fitness accessories.


The survey aimed to comprehend customers' experiences and behaviors when buying fitness clothing and accessories. The requirements for filling out the survey were people who purchased fitness clothing or accessories in the last twelve months. The form collected 133 responses and the insights of this activity were:

  • Some users didn't find their size.

  • Some products didn't have enough information or description.

  • Some users don't buy online because they fear scams.

  • People always search for coupons.

  • Users would love to see videos of the products.

  • Eight out of ten people feel motivated to exercise after buying clothes or accessories.

  • People who practice exercise buy new products often or regularly.

  • Users want reliable reviews.

  • Women would like the product to deliver privacy (bulge and squat).

How might we...

  • offer more details about products?

  • increase the recurrence of purchase?

  • reduce fear of who buys online?

  • make clothing and accessories sales experience satisfactory?

  • reduce the frustration of making a sizing mistake?

  • highlight the reviews of clothes or accessories?

  • guarantee that the clients' products deliver privacy?

  • improve the checkout process?

  • deliver the purchase fast?

Competitor analysis

I selected this activity to analyze the website structures of major e-commerce platforms in the fitness and clothing accessories industry.


  • The icon person and the button sign-in/sign-up could be the same.

  • Highlight discounts and avoid too much visual information.

  • Add actionable product reviews.

  • The gender field is unnecessary if the product is specific to males or females.

  • The scale size should match the product.

  • Upload photos and videos.

  • Login with Google, Facebook, or AppleID.

  • According to a user, one of them is terrible for wholesale.

  • Consider many types of delivery and take-out.

  • Highlight reviews.

Define - Soon

Development - Soon

Delivery - Soon